2002 Mini Cooper Owners Manual

2002 Mini Cooper Owners Manual – My very last memory of the authentic MINI Cooper isn’t a good one. This foggy, awkward eyesight recalls an unusual winter ritual employed in the frigid North: ice cubes auto racing on a frozen lake, and my trip was a ’66 Mini. Things have been moving great-right up until I got hit from powering, spun close to, and ended up being tipped over in a snowbank.

The only great point to come out of that day was my appreciation for how much fun it was to get a Mini. Properly, at the very least right up until I crashed.

2002 Mini Cooper

2002 Mini Cooper

From today’s viewpoint, it’s important to point out that, aside from the title, concept, and fundamental form, the new-for-’02 Mini Cooper shares nothing with the initial. BMW received the Mini brand several years rear in the event it purchased the English-based Rover Group (Rover, Land Rover, Mini, MG, and so on. ).

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And, even though it unloaded most of the unprofitable nameplates last year, BMW retained the Mini due to the fact a new model was currently well under advancement. The car you see right here was created and designed in Germany, however, it’s to get built in England. Feel of it as a very small British BMW.

A single of the new Mini’s finest features is its ultra-stiff construction that, at almost exactly 12 toes extended, is about two ft longer than its precursor; larger indeed, but still really compact. It’s 50 % a lot more firm than the 3 Series BMW, which is regarded as one particular of the most solid cars about. Naturally, the original’s two-box condition, front-tire travel, and several-person-sitting configuration continue to be retained for the re-created Mini.

MacPherson struts are used in advance, although a multilink rear suspension produced from the 3 Series is employed at the rear. Braking is offered by vented discs at the start, solid discs in back again, and standard Abdominal muscles; steering is via electro-hydraulically helped holder-and-pinion. Our tester got the optional sport suspensions and 195/55HR16 Michelin Pilot tires, even though 15-in. moving stock is normal, both are a considerably weep from the 10-in. and 12-in. doughnuts used by the earliest Minis.