2003 Mini Cooper S Owners Manual

2003 Mini Cooper S Owners Manual – The new Mini Cooper is more fun than a carnival trip. Both models handle like sports cars and the Mini Cooper S can speed up from to 60 miles per hour in less than seven mere seconds. It’s lovable and affordable, starting at just $16,425. Designed by BMW, it is executed superbly and looks and feels like a quality item inside and outside.

The new Mini Cooper lives up to the promise of its bulldog stance, renowned performance, and passionate click reviews. BMW has efficiently melded the German and United kingdom car ethnicities, achieving back to the 1960s for the automotive symbol of mod London, UK.

2003 Mini Cooper S

2003 Mini Cooper S

The new Mini has as a lot in common with the United kingdom car People in America cherished in the ’60s as the New Beetle has in common with the outdated Bug. The Mini Cooper continues to be reinvented for the 21st century and it has sent back to the U.S. larger and a lot better than the authentic.

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Mini Cooper is the shortest car available in America, but it’s larger on the within than on the outdoors. It totes several grownups in amazingly excellent comfort, even leaving behind the area for stuff. Like all BMWs, it includes advanced safety features and impressive engineering.

Like the initial, its makes use of front-tire drive and a transverse-installed (sideways) engine. But BMW used an advanced revocation motivated by its rear-tire-drive cars for outstanding managing, particularly on bumpy, curving roads.

BMW priced the Mini having an admiration for genuine-community pocketbooks yet endowed it with a graphic and physical opulence that ratchets up its benefit quotient. For 2003, there are no major changes.

Two models are accessible: the 115-hp Mini Cooper and 163-horsepower Mini Cooper S. Each are four-seat hatchbacks. The engine is attached transversely and drives the front side wheels.

Mini Cooper ($16,425) arrives regular with a top-level of devices, such as an advanced contra–secure brake program and six safety bags with head protection for entrance and rear travelers. Also normal: air conditioning, Compact disc stereo with 6 speakers, power windows with auto-straight down, strength fastens, distant keyless entry, and a rear wiper. It comes normal with a five-speed gearbox and 15-inch alloy tires.

Cooper S ($19,425) brings a supercharged edition of the exact same engine, a half a dozen-speed gearbox, firmer entrance and rear anti-roll bars for flatter handling, 16-inch tires, and a great deal of special exterior clip. Inside, the S provides sport seats and natural leather-twisted controls.