2008 Mini Cooper Owners Manual

2008 Mini Cooper Owners Manual – The MINI Cooper confirms that dimension does issue! Its diminutive dimensions have verified appealing to all age groups and sex teams. Young partners look on it as an ecologically warm and friendly city transport (Street and Track publication agreed upon, choosing it as one of its 10 very best urban automobiles); retired/vacant nester partners view it as economical, reliable transportation for repaired-earnings dwelling; ladies often enjoy its appears; and racer boyz are having a hoot with its performance, as are some autocross individuals.

In 1959, when the authentic Mini was unleashed on the general public by the brilliant Sir Alec Issigonis, it had been a huge and innovative hit, rivaling the VW Beetle as the top economy car. (Surprisingly adequate, while the Brits put the engine transversely into front-wheel-drive settings and attached it to a container-like interior, the Germans set up the engine in the rear with a rear-wheel-travel setup and connected it to a “beetle-like” interior.

2008 Mini Cooper

2008 Mini Cooper

John Cooper and the racers of those days acquired their hands on the Mini, and it also grew to be a Monte Carlo Rally champ. It was so excellent that Rally authorities needed to finesse the rules so as to get rid of it from levels of competition!

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The 2008 base MINI is a true heir to that particular glorious lineage, and while it offers 28/37 mpg overall with the manual (the auto gets 26/34 mpg), it will likewise pleasure the typical car owner with its tractability and comfort.

A major “evolutionary” transformation was remarkably carried out by BMW in 2007. Although each and every bodyboard was altered, you’d have to park the initially-generation (2003 by means of 2006) MINI next to the second-gen to be able to select all the variations. And also by all reviews, BMW been successful in using the excellent danger of boosting a car which was already a runaway achievement.

Up against more stringent European pollutants and safety rules, BMW went ahead and joined to the upcoming. Thus the second-gen MINI, although two inches longer, not just improves interior cabin room, but additionally properties a completely new engine. The BMW-designed 1.6-liter all-alloy inline several-cylinder was a joint endeavor with Peugeot-Citroen.