2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman Owners Manual

2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman Owners Manual – We have now right here a philosophical concern rooted in semantics. Webster’s New Planet tells us that “mini” refers to “something that is tiny in dimensions . . . particularly as in comparison to others of the very same type.” The Clubman is the biggest car ever to wear Mini trademarks, and it raises concerns, this kind of as: When does a Mini cease to get a Mini and turn into something different-a Midi, maybe? And what limitations, if any, does a brand name enforce on its products?

Mini faithful might argue that “compared to others of the exact same kind” is not possible simply because Minis are a breed apart, and in any case, the Clubman continues to ranks near the bottom part of the measurement charts of cars accessible in the U.S.-only the Smart Fortwo is distinctly more compact.

2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman

2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman

Still, there are several outstanding subcompact hatchbacks that are very similar in dimensions and present a lot more room, some with an amazingly substantial fun-to-travel list, all with much lower price tags (the Honda Fit, for just one).

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To this particular, the faithful may respond, “Yeah, but the Clubman will blow their doorways away.” No argument there. At 2856 lbs, the Clubman S is 234 pounds heavier than the last Cooper S we analyzed [“Power Toys and games,” Might 2007], but it continues to capable of scooting to 60 miles per hour in 6.8 seconds.

That is .6 2nd slower than the regular Cooper S, but a Honda Fit requires nearly 9 mere seconds to achieve distance-a-minute velocity. We expect that the naturally aspirated Cooper Clubman would provide very similar final results: not really as quick as the three-front door Cooper, but faster than the Fit or other subcompacts.

So, it is about quickness, with additional freight or individuals capability. As properly as speed. However, if the idea is widened interior volume with a respectable energy impact and the moves of a planet-class welterweight, there are rides that will get these additional travelers or freight from A to B with increased space, and in more haste, for around the same funds. The ­Mazdaspeed 3 (base price $22,975, 0 to 60 in 5.4 mere seconds, maximum cargo of 43 cubic toes) one thinks of.