2012 Mini Cooper Clubman Owners Manual

2012 Mini Cooper Clubman Owners Manual – just by checking out it, you can identify that the 2012 MINI Cooper Clubman subcompact hatchback is international to those shores. Its “veddy proper” clip designations, that legendary Anglicized adorableness and a 4-tube powerplant that looks oh-so-Euro-fashionable combine to bespeak staid British save and a smidgeon of almost regal snobbishness. Yeah, right! This compact 4-traveler hatchback is a hoot to drive, knocks styling freaks into following few days and shouts “sporty” in huge striking letters.

This pint-size Tommy remains offered in 3 trims, the personal-proclaimed Base, the turbocharged-yep, turbocharged-S, and the even more turbocharged flagship of the lineup, the John Cooper Works, hereafter to become referred to as the JCW.

2012 Mini Cooper Clubman

2012 Mini Cooper Clubman

Just a tad bigger than their pint-size MINI Cooper relatives, however not really as big as their 4-doorway Countryman kinfolk, all Clubman trims have the 4-traveler capacity, 2 normal doorways, a person-part, rear-easy-to-open back again (“club”) door, and a divided-starting rear freight door. Bearing only 32.8 cubic toes of cargo room with the rear seats folded and just a meager 9.2 cubic ft with vertical rear seatbacks, this subcompact hatchback is, alas, not designed for weighty hauling responsibilities.

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Regardless, the different Clubman editions see a couple of significant changes for 2012, choosing, evidently, to face pat with 2011’s energy changes and regular feature add-ons. An established of extravagant floor mats is about all that is new for this particular year, while readily available personalizing doodads continue to be all but unlimited.

Be ready, nevertheless, for optionally available improvements to get prices from merely a tad steep to stratospheric, particularly in the higher trims, which aren’t exactly low-cost to start.

The standard and only engine for this particular pint-size parakeet of a car continue to be a BMW-motivated 4-cylinder powerplant, with the Base Clubman toting the typically aspirated edition, although the S and JCW trims feature a turbocharged variance that offers this fun wagon some significant pep.

Once again, all trims sport extremely un-European entrance-wheel drive (FWD), while each the Base and S variations can be provided with either the standard manual transmission or a zippy auto-manual that’s short on mileage, but lengthy on ease. The JCW edition, on the other hand, is readily available only with the stick move.